About Us

How wonderful it would be if every individual could Learn More in Less Time, Remember Easily, Be More Focused and Self Motivated? Our years of experience in Gkids Midbrain Training and researching human energy, has helped us integrate, "Midbrain Activation - Photographic Memory - Speed Reading" in a single program and we are delivering amazing results all around. We have developed our proprietary music for Midbrain Activation and use unique techniques to ensure that Midbrain Activation is effective for lifetime. We train the brain to enhance its capacity which results in Maximizing Brain Power, Enhancing Memory, Increasing Concentration, Better Emotion Management, Higher Confidence and Much More....

Our training is so effective that every child in our class can Memorize over 30 random words in less than 4 minutes. Speed read and revise school book in 1/4 time. Identify colors, numbers, read books and much more with Midbrain Activation.

Our training to adults, provides them with better people management skills, emotional management , better decision making, successful life with maximum concentration and memory power through Midbrain Activation



Our mission is to enhance the performance of each individual and to provide the world with much enabled and happy human beings


Our values guide our actions and taken together with our actions, reveal who we are. It takes courage to innovate-in science, in technology and in lives.


Everyone at Genius Kids is dedicated to make a profound difference in every individual’s life getting connected with us and ensure a better future for them.

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